What is Nila Network? All about the crazy blockchain startup.

Nila Network
3 min readSep 18, 2021
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## What is Nila Network?

NILA Network is a blockchain startup and a platform for both DeFi and CeFi projects. NILA aims to secure every investor from getting scammed and suffering huge financial losses by buying new and suspicious tokens or coins through NilaSafe.

NILA Network also provides cross-chain exchanging features through NilaSwap, a cross-chain wallet NilaWallet, multi-chain launchpad NilaPad, anonymous transaction protocol NilaCash, NFT marketplace NilaDigital, Play-to-earn gaming platform NilaPlay, NilaRewards, NilaFinance, NilaKart, NilaCapital, and more.
To learn more about Nila Network’s ecosystem and what NILA offers visit Nila Network’s websites: https://nila.network & https://nilanetwork.com.

## NILA is the native utility token of NILA Network that is used for:

* Launching projects on NilaPad and participate in the sale.
* Playing games on NilaPlay.
* Holding NILA to transact BNB & Ether anonymously on NilaCash.
* Buying & Selling NFTs on Nila Digital.
* Holding NILA to participate to complete tasks on Nila Rewards.
* Holding NILA to borrow or lend on the p2p lending platform NilaFinance.
* To shop on NilaKart.
* To participate in INO (Initial Nila Offering).

## NILA’s ecosystem includes:

* NilaSafe: Open source platform to do KYC of every newly launched token and coin’s team to ensure the security of every investor’s fund spent on the particular coin/token.
* NilaSwap: Cross-chain DEX with the bridging-exchange feature.
* Nilawallet: Cross-chain decentralized non-custodial wallet.
* NilaPad: Decentralized multi-chain supported launchpad.
* NilaCash: Fully Decentralized anonymous transaction protocol for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
* NilaPlay: Decentralized play-to-earn decentralized gaming platform built on BSC.
* NilaRewards: Blockchain-based task/survey & earn platform.
* NilaPay: Centralized crypto payment gateway.
* NilaDigital: Decentralized NFT marketplace.
* NilaFinance: P2P platform to connect borrowers to lenders & lenders to borrowers.
* NilaCapital: Crypto incubator farm.
* NilaKart: E-commerce platform to shop with BNB, Ether, leading ERC20 & BEP20 tokens along with NILA.
* NilaTools: Tools to manage crypto tokens.
* INO: Initial Nila Offering.

## How many NILA tokens are there in total & circulation?

NILA token was launched on 22nd August 2021. The total amount of NILA available on the market is 30000000000 (Total supply=30B). As of 17.09.2021, the circulating supply of NILA tokens is 1500000070 (1.5B) including company holdings. NILA token is scheduled to be burned quarterly.

## Who are the founders and team of NILA Network?

NILA Network is the brainchild of developer and founder Pikai who have extensive experience in programming and co-founder Rupa. They started working on the project in August 2020.

According to Nila Network’s website, the administration team behind NILA is made of four crypto enthusiasts’ close friends.

## Where Can I Buy NILA?

As of 17.09.2021, NILA is available for trading on PanCakeSwap. Currently, the available pair is BNB/NILA.

## Follow us on Social Media:

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## If you are an investor, please contact us here to discuss our business model in detail: support@nila.network



Nila Network

NilaNetwork™ is the largest Crypto Startup! Nila Network is the parent company behind NilaSafe, NilaSwap, NilaKart, NilaWallet, NilaPad, NilaPay, and more…